One direction preferences you write a song about him being scared

It stares at me for a minute as if trying to figure me out before putting his head down and trotting the other direction. At this point, you were shaking. His beautiful eyes looked into yours as you thought.

BSM: You get scared during the night (age 7)

He looked at you with his deep blue eyes and smiled. Exiting public places are always difficult, but this time seemed extremely hard. The crashing sound made you flinch back in fear that you would be the next thing hit. It was incredibly hot indeed, and with her being smaller than I am, I could only imagine how incredibly heated it was for her.

And I spend the rest of the night checking on her and making sure my beautiful wife and baby were okay. Liam wanted to take you into the country so you and Liam headed off. Louis got up and kicked the guy in the stomach once more.

He was Fine, but You were Injured This is a really long one. You decided this after Danielle had called you to say sorry. Nobody in their right mind would be awake at this time. Sometimes it helps," he offered.

1D Preference: You Have His Kid After A Breakup And He Doesn’t Know (Niall)

It felt good to have her kissing me back. He turned to her, touching her shoulder gentley as he nearly cried at the sight of his girlfriend rocking back and forth in the seat. It was a nice sunny afternoon in London.

You gave a small smile and looked back at the road. Somehow, you managed to run into nothing, possibly because of your knowledge of what was in these hallways.

Niall was paying close attention to the road, but you were talking to him. Barely audible sniffles were made, and every single time he felt like she was going to break down, Harry made sure he checked on her. He wiped it away with his thumb. It seemed like every little problem had to be cured with a smoke.

You held his hands, which were firmly placed around you, and turned around to face him. You had never heard something so crazy. You could tell why you dated him in the first place.

One Direction Preferences

The therapist took you to the bar so you could try walking and you were terribly nervous. 1D Preferences # He's asked about the song he wrote for you Liam: "So, sources tell me you and the lads have a bunch of songs written by yourselves on the new album, yes?" the interviewer inquires, smoothing out her skirt.

"That is. He Writes A Song About You from the story One Direction Preferences by OhMyJanoskiansx (Jacqueline) with 7, reads. styles, one, perferences. YOU ARE READING. One Direction Preferences Fanfiction.

going back to writing, something you said obviously giving him a good idea.

Continue Reading the Next Part. Add. New Reading List. Vote. On Their Tour Bus. Liam: “So it’s kind of messy ”Liam warns you as you walk onto the tour bus. “Five guys are living on one bus, of course it’s going to be messy.” You.

One Direction Preferences The Song you Write about Each Other. Jessie-Marie. In a way you wanted you to protect from the monster buried deep inside of you. You were scared that if he got too close he would sucked into your darkness. You and Liam had become really good friends since you meet him at One Direction's album release.

harry (15); you were adopted and you knew it, but harry never made you feel that you weren’t welcome in the family even gemma and anne treated you like you was his real daughter, so one day you came back from school and your day was terrible like always, people telling you that harry felt pathetic for you and adopted you, or that you were his.

You faint/pass out (his POV) (1D preference) what causes her to wake up finally. ‘Thank God ’ I hear Louis gasp, while I kiss her forehead in relief.

‘You scared us for a minute there!’ xone direction xone direction pref xone direction preference xone direction preferences xone direction prefs xHarry Styles xLouis Tomlinson.

One direction preferences you write a song about him being scared
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